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Increase your productivity with FAR HTML

FAR HTML offers a variety of different tools for help authors and, as a development tool, facilitates the work of documenting your software with file and HTML utilities. It is like a Swiss Army knife and version 5.x now fully supports Unicode.
Information about Microsoft HTMLHelp

HTMLHelp, developed by Microsoft, is a help system that uses Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create locally stored technical documentation and help for application software. HTMLHelp Workshop is used to compile the content into a compressed help file with the file extension CHM.
App Help
Create application help

In a complex application a detailed application help (AppHelp) and documentation should still be provided for the user. If you are an application developer for Windows (C#,, etc.) and use Visual Studio, you can easily connect an HTMLHelp (CHM) system to your application.

Web Help
Web-based help for your customers

The web-based help system (WebHelp) makes complex topics of documentation texts or image data available on the Internet that were previously not accessible or retrievable in encapsulated information systems for outsiders.

WinHelp - a former Microsoft help system

WinHelp (HLP) is available since the early '90s and has been replaced by HTMLHelp 1.x (CHM). WinHelp has not been distributed with the operating system since Microsoft's Windows Vista (codename "Longhorn").

Basics of the help systems

Before changing the help system, you should inform yourself comprehensively about the basics and possibilities of the different help systems.

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